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Soil Nailing for Slope Protection


Soil nailing is an economical technique for stabilizing slopes and for constructing retaining walls from the top down. This ground reinforcement process uses steel tendons which are drilled and grouted into the soil to create a composite mass similar to a gravity wall. A shotcrete facing is typically applied, though many architectural options such as precast panels or "green" vegetated cells are available for permanent wall facings.

Dishmaan has a versatile fleet of equipment that is specially designed for soil nailing. We have found soil nail walls to be a very attractive alternative to cut retaining walls.

  Nailing Advantages:
  Used to follow irregular curves.
  Equipment is portable for tight spaces.
  The technique is flexible, easily modified.
  Creates less noise and traffic obstructions.
  Less impact on nearby properties.
  Requires minimum shoring space.