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Parking Guidance System

What is Parking guidence System?

  • Parking Guidance System simplifies the way parking works.
  • It assists your customers to find a parking Lots by giving them the correct information.
  • The near 100% accuracy erases inefficiencies in the counting process by monitoring every bay allowing every space to be utilized.

Main Function of PGS

  The main function parking guidance system (PGS) has is that helps the driver find free parking space on different layers and sectors quickly . Using LED display and LED indicator to show the real‐time parking information (free/occupied parking space) to the vehicle owners. Moreover ,the owners or operators can monitor the real time parking information as well as collect and analyze statistic data about utilization of each car park space.

Benefits of PGS

PGS have been proven to cut the customer's time‐to‐park in half and result in a 3‐5% rise in visits. Simply put, the easier it is for customers to visit, the more customers will want to return again and again.

  • Driver: Reduced time looking for parking, and reduced frustration
  • Venue Operators: Increase in patronage, and customer satisfaction.
  • Parking Operators: Increased space occupancy, and increased revenue.
  • Environmental: Reduced air pollution, reduced congestion, reduced illegal parking.